Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo

Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo

Having spent half of last year travelling the world on my own, I know how hard it can be to stay healthy and fit!  As a woman travelling alone, I tended to eat fast food rather than sitting alone in a restaurant, and exercise was something that I found hard to integrate into my routine.  Eating the right foods and making time to move your body is so important while travelling, particularly while you’re on your own. No one wants to get sick while overseas, least of all when you’ve got no one there to take care of you!  So, I’ve compiled a list of the top five ways I managed to stay healthy whilst travelling alone.  Try some of these next time you travel!

Don’t be afraid to eat alone in a restaurant.

Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling SoloThe first few times you eat alone, you might feel self-conscious or a bit awkward about it.  But trust me, those feelings pass and soon you’ll be totally comfortable and happy with eating alone! 

The number one trap that I see a lot of female solo travellers fall into is opting for junk/fast food rather than eating a decent meal because they’re afraid to sit down and eat alone.  On those days when you find yourself alone at meal times, go to a restaurant or cafe and order a decent, nutritious meal for yourself.  Take a book to read while you wait for your meal, or choose a venue with wifi so you can occupy your mind before your meal arrives. 

It takes time to feel comfortable eating alone, but trust me, once you’re used to it you’ll wonder why it was ever an issue!  And remember, no one else is actually thinking about what you’re doing or the fact that you’re alone.  They’re all too busy enjoying their own food!

Don’t rely on alcohol for confidence.

Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo

 I’ve met too many travellers overseas who feel like they can only approach other travellers and meet new people when they’ve got a few drinks down.  The trouble with this is that they end up drinking every single night because it’s the only way they meet people!  You don’t need to be drinking to make friends, and you definitely don’t need alcohol to give you confidence. 

Step outside of your comfort zone and talk to other travellers everywhere you go.  Alcohol is extremely taxing on the body and particularly the liver, and no one likes to spend their mornings with a shocking hangover every day!  Even if you want to go to a bar to meet other travellers, don’t feel the pressure to drink.  Order a soda water with lime from the bar and no one will think twice – plus, you’ll save so much money! 

Travelling alone is a wonderful experience and it’s a shame to spend your time drinking for that extra confidence.  Find your confidence sober – it’s much more genuine.

Make time for exercise during the day.

Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo

Exercise can be tricky to fit into your day when you’re travelling alone.  When I was travelling, I was very particular about when and where I went running.  My top tips for getting exercise when travelling:

  • Do it in the morning or during the day – it’s usually not a good idea to go running after dark on your own, so make sure you squeeze in some movement before the sun sets
  • Don’t wear earphones – as paranoid as it sounds, you’ll feel much safer and more aware of your surroundings when you don’t have earphones in
  • I made a habit of doing a few squats and sit ups in my hostel room any time I was in there alone.  Anything that gets your heart rate up is worth doing.

Exercising while travelling will keep you fit and keep your energy levels high.  You’re on the trip of a lifetime, and its important to keep your fitness and energy levels up so that you can make the most of each day!

Join group activities where you’re bound to meet like-minded travellers.

Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo

Day trips such as cooking classes, kayaking trips, hikes, diving, etc are all great ways to meet new people.  And the best part is that if they’re doing the same tour as you, you’ve already got a similar interest, whatever it may be!  Make the most of your day trips and tours and see it as an opportunity to get active and make friends.  These friends may just be the lunch-buddies or running-buddies that you need!

Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo

Water is so easily forgotten when travelling, especially if you’re in a country where the tap water is unsafe to drink. 

Did you know that the biggest cause of fatigue is dehydration?  If you’re feeling less than energetic during the days, try increasing your water intake and see how you feel.  It’s astounding that something as simple as drinking water can make such a huge difference to your energy levels. 

A good way to remember to drink water is to make sure you have a bottle of water with each meal – three 600ml bottles gives you 1.8L of water just at meal times!  Try to stay away from soft drinks and other sugary drinks, as not only are they high in sugar and calories, but they are often dehydrating, giving you the opposite of what you need.  Stick to water and make sure you’re having lots of it, especially when you’re particularly active or in a hot, humid climate.

Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo

So next time you’re overseas on your own, see if you can implement a few of these tips above, and see what a difference it makes to your health and energy levels.  Every moment and every experience is there to be savoured, and the last thing you want on your overseas trip is for sickness to strike you down.  Your health truly is your greatest wealth, particularly when travelling alone, so be conscious to take care of yourself every single day by eating right, exercising, minimising alcohol, being social and drinking enough water.

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Top Five Tips for Staying Healthy when Travelling Solo


















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