Slow travel is quickest way to travel freedom & We visit Hong Kong Podcast

Slow travel, the quickest way to travel freedom & we visit hong kong

Slow Travel & Hong Kong Podcast Episode 003: Slow travel the key to discovering travel freedom sooner. We also visit hong kong and learn about crazy superstitions and the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. Listen NOW! WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from listeners about how we can improve the show…

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First time home buyers say no to debt, travel forever instead

First time home buyers say no to debt - Travel forever instead

In 2012, 6 months into saving $35,000 for a mortgage deposit in Brisbane, Australia, Tommo (a wedding singer) & Megsy (a travel agent), decided to take control of their future, rather than handing their lives over to the banks. With ongoing uncertainty in the housing market, Tommo & Megsy chose travel freedom, with a minimalist,…

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Travel Budget Planner and Calculator, Our Comprehensive guide with FREE Excel budget template.

travel budget planner

In this article I’ll first outline the budget considerations for a backpacking trip. Following this I’ll offer some budget examples and you can download our FREE Excel travel budget planner calculator template to figure out your own budget estimate. Planning your trip is daunting. What if you forget something? Well, this article has the complete roadmap to…

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FREE Accommodation Worldwide: 10 simple steps to become a top HouseSitter in 3 months

House sitting means free accommodation around the world. I’m sure you’ll agree this is a golden ticket for any traveller. We signed up to trusted house sitters on 17th April 2014 whilst paying to stay in a filthy hotel in Kanyakamuri, India. By June 5th we were on our first housesit in England and by late…

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It costs less to travel full time than stay home & $5 Prizren Podcast

it costs less to travel than to stay at home!

Prizren Podcast Episode 001: How it costs less to travel full time than stay home & $5 Prizren Podcast Listen NOW! WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from listeners about how we can improve the show or what you love about it already. You can email us using the contact form in the footer…

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16 Asian Taxi scams (and how to beat them)

Kolkata Ambassador Taxi Yellow

Taxi drivers all over Asia know how to extort foreigners, and locals. We’ve encountered our fair share of Asian taxi scams but North Indian taxi drivers are by far the most sneaky. Even the most experienced traveller can easily fall prey to some of the lesser used tricks. Not all of these are hardcore scams…

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How to live abroad cheap & comfortable for less than $7 per day

Does $7 per day sound impossible? If you are reading this you are curious as to how to do it. The good news is, it is possible. The bad news is, comfort is a relative concept. As a couple pushing 30 (pushing it really hard!) you arrive at a point where sleeping on cold hard…

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How To Get Padi Open Water Scuba Diver Certified on a Budget

How to learn to scuba dive on a budget

Diving is not a budget activity. However, it is a lot of fun, so as a budget traveller, is there a way to get certified safely and cheaply? The answer, of course, is that it all depends on your definition of cheap! We like to find a balance between the best quality experience and the…

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Ultimate Packing list for long term travel (Backpacking)

the ultimate packing list

You’re going backpacking for months, how do you decide what to leave and what to take? Long term travel is all about packing light but making sure you have all the essentials to make travel as easy as possible. This packing guide is focused for couples travel but the information is pretty universal for solo…

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