6 Tips to Making Friends & Being a Fucking Legend at Your Hostel

6 Tips to making friends at your hostel
Good Times + Crazy Friends = Amazing Memories!

Unless you’re a super duper extrovert, who seems to collect friends as easily as you collect belly button lint, you might be a little daunted about making friends while traveling.

Never Fear newbie traveler! It’s way easier than you think. And if you follow our tips, you’ll be known as a fuckimg legend wherever you go – trust us!

1. Say Hi To Everyone

This might seem pretty bloody simple, but it’s amazing how many people don’t say hi when they walk into the common room or dorm of a hostel. Its amazing how most people just sit around heads down, eyes firmly locked on their phone, ignoring everyone around them, wondering why they haven’t met anyone new and fun yet.

Let’s try it now – “Hi, how’s it going?”

Easy right?

Since the beginning of language a simple greeting has been the simplest and easiest way to meet new people, and if you’re the one to say hi first it helps others come out of their shells and converse back. And who knows maybe you’ll find your new favourite drinking buddy.

Which brings us to our next tip…..

2. Always Attend Happy Hour

This is the time of day where everyone will crawl out from whatever rock they fell asleep under last night, and head to the bar for cheap drinks. It’s a perfect place to meet new people over a insanely cheap glass of whatever rocket fuel they’re selling as a cocktail that night.

Always checkout the happy hour scene:

  •  Meet new people
  • Get cheap drinks (why pay full price when you don’t have to)
  • Find out what shenanigans the hostel has planned – it usually revolves around getting you very, very drunk.

It’s a win win situation!

3. Learn a Party Trick

It’s amazing how many friends you can make by knowing a simple party trick. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t loves a good old fashioned card trick. Or perhaps you are an awesome drinker – master the art of strawpeoding  No idea what this is? Here’s a little tutorial to making you a hostel legend!

4. Get involved in activities

Many hostels will offer a variety of activities from free walking tours, to pub crawls or trivia nights and even alcoholympics. We first witnessed the alcoholympics at our favourite hostel Retox Party Hostel in Budapest. In this event teams of 3 compete in a variety of pub / drinking games including beer pong, strawpedo (as mentioned above) and coin toss. You’e got to be a fast drinker, who can keep it down without power spewing, and who can also keep their wits about them to compete in the games.
How to make friends at your hostel - get involved in activities

If you’re not such a big drinker you can join the masses of people who show up to cheer these guys and girls onto victory. Or if this isn’t your scene just ask the guys at the front desk about what activities are on offer and get involved.

Naturally activities that involve alcohol can get a bit rowdy. Make sure that you are completely covered by travel insurance before you head off on your trip. We recommend World Nomads as they understand that backpackers like to enjoy a drink or two. But keep in mind if you’re acting like a dick and injure yourself – you’re on your own!

5. Buy a round of drinks

This makes you an instant legend. So we are assuming you’ve already passed step one – saying “hi” to people. After this first greeting and you’re all hanging out at happy hour (step 2), if you can afford it – offer to buy your new friends a round of drinks. Naturally if it’s a big group this isn’t practical, but if you’ve met a few people that seem pretty cool, this little gesture will win them over in an instant. Who doesn’t love free booze right???

How to make friends at your hostel - buy a round of drinks

6. Bake everyone (including staff) a chocolate cake / muffins

This might sound weird – but it works! Most people who are staying or working in hostels are living off a diet of pizza and 2 minute noodles. Making them something homely like chocolate cake will put you instantly into the stratosphere of fucking legend!


Most hostels will have kitchen facilities, scope it out and see if you can make something nice for everyone and then just leave it in the common room with a nice note.
how to make friends at your hostel - bake a chocolate cake for everyone
So there you have it – our Top 6 Tips to Making Friends & Being a Fucking Legend at your Hostel!
Follow our tips and you will have a blast at whatever hostel you choose to stay in.

Do you have any kick ass suggestions? How do you like to make new friends? Let us know in the comments


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